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That's a GREAT Question!

Published: February 2, 2021

I have recently been drawn into the power of good questions. Both in my life in sales management and in my life as a personal development coach, speaker and author, I am noticing lately how powerful questions really are. The question on my landing page of my website (sherpapartners.org) asks one of those power questions: Who's your Sherpa? It is a question linked to a metaphor of an person climbing a mountain who has someone alongside them to help them in their journey. Many times mountaineering adventures are once in a lifetime opportunities that the climber only gets one shot at. Bad planning, weather, injury or a million other factors outside the climber's control can sideline the climb, cost thousands or even cost a life.
Life is that way. There are things we men are involved in that are a lot like climbing. While it is exhilarating and we love the thrill of the action at work, our education, relationships and the many other things we set out to do in the climb of life, the stakes are high and seem to get higher as we climb. People depend on us, responsibilities grow, financial pressures increase, work goals become steeper. It calls to something deep inside us that loves the adventure but... we sense we need someone to help share the load, provide direction and keep us moving.
That's why I co-founded Sherpa Partners with my life partner, my wife of 28 years. I want to use all that I have been given in life to help other men enjoy (not just endure) summiting life's climb. I am a seasoned business professional, husband, father, son, brother and friend. I also have worked for years in ministry helping men (as well as women) succeed at life. And the desire of my life is to help men, in particular, to succeed at life's climb. If you have read my book Getting Even: Countering Life's Hard Knocks, you know that I have been through a lot and have allowed those formative experiences to shape my life. And I want to be that trusted guide, that Sherpa in the lives of men to allow them to see that the formative things that they choose to do and that happen to them are just that - formative. They shape and mold you into the kind of man that deep down you want to be.
For more on the advantages of having a personal development coach in your life as part of your normal growth, check out the free PDF attached here. So... Who's YOUR Sherpa?

5 Good Reasons!

Published: January 5, 2021

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