Welcome to 5280

Welcome to Sherpa5280!

It's your life we are talking about here. And you only get one shot at it.

Imagine you are climbing a mountain. At the summit is an incredible view of peaks as far as the eye can see. It's literally the top of the world up there. However, as you climb you face some tough challenges. There are slippery footings, large boulders you need to climb over, and the air is getting thin as you ascend. On top of that you are experiencing physical fatigue as your muscles start to burn and your heart races.

But you are NOT going to turn back. You have finished every challenge you have taken up in life and you are not turning back now. You are strong, capable, and a self-starter who has been going for it since you were a small child.

What do you need? Well you certainly don't need a cliche thrown at you, and you don't want pity. What you need is someone who has been there before who can provide help, guidance, helpful tools for the climb, and encouragement along the way. You need what all the climbers who have climbed the tallest peaks in the world have had. You need a Sherpa.

Welcome to Sherpa5280! The climb we are talking about here is more than climbing a mountain. It's the climb called "your life." We bring elite level resources to you at your point of need to help you "summit life's climb." Rob Stout brings a lifetime of experience and resource to the table for you. He has worked for 15 years in the business world at the Fortune 500 level and has an additional 15 years of experiencedeveloping men as a teaching, leader, and coach.

Sherpa5280 is here for you - to make YOU the hero of the climb! We are there to resource and, most of all, celebrate with you at the summit. At Sherpa5280 we provide elite level tools to you on your journey. The stakes in the climb of life are high, and the results of the decisions you make impact everyone around you, including future generations.

Check out our resources below and let's get you started with Sherpa5280 today. Or, maybe you have a man in your life that needs these resources right now where he is in life. Either way, let's get started today.

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