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Getting Even is a tremendous resource for a man looking for a trusted resource for the development of his personal life. Or, maybe you know a man who could benefit from some the solid input offered by Getting Even. Click on the video to the right to hear what one of Rob's long-time friends and mentors has to say.

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What do you do when life punches you in the gut? You may have done everything right, made the right choices, and done all the right things. But regardless of your best efforts, you are face-to-face with the hard knocks of life. Some men cower in the corner and shrink from the challenge. Others medicate to numb the pain and dissappointment. Others blame it on someone else. Some turn to God, or their version of him. What do you do? You make up your mind to Get Even with the hard knocks and come out a better man on the other side. Start your Getting Even journey today!

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Here's Exactly What You'll Discover When You Order Your Book Today...

You will get the wisdom of a guide in your journey or getting even with life's hard knocks. Plus gain an understanding of...

Why it's OK, no matter who you are, that life has delivered you some unwanted hard knocks.

Why no man is ever excempt from life's hard knocks.

How to allow the things that are happening in your life to work for good in your growth and development. Really! Hard knocks can work for your good!

How to get even with the pitfall of narcissism

How to seek out the help of a coach for your personal development.

How to toughen up in life in order to get moving in the right direction.

Why, at times, you will need to reach out to a good doctor if depression or anxiety are a problem.

Why you can't achieve what you were made for if you are struggling with addition - and how to get free from it!

How the spiritual aspect of who you are plays an important role in your personal journey.

A look inside the author's own spiritual quest.

How to move through a journey of Getting Even to a new version of yourself - "You X.x."

How to develop a set of goals for moving forward in life.

And much more!

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About The Author

Rob Stout

For over 30 years Rob Stout has been involved in helping lead men in their life's journey.

He is a Certified Life Coach and has certification from Life Coach Institute, an approved, 5-star award-winning, world-wide accredited, institute of the International Coach Federation. Rob earned his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and his masters degree from Denver Seminary where he specialized in leadership and organizational transformation.

He has served for over 15 years in leadership, teaching and coaching roles in numerous ministry areas around the world and has a specialty in working with men in life's most critical areas. In addition, he has worked in the business world for 15 years with Fortune 500 companies. He brings his educational, business and life experience to the table which provides perspective and real-world insight to his coaching.

His passion, experience, training and wisdom will be an enormous asset to your life's journey. He is well equipped to be the Sherpa on your life's climb.

Aaron C - Denver, CO

Important role in my development...

"Rob's heart for men and women facing the inevitable challenges of life is incredibly evident. I was fortunate to experience his heart and soul when he led a small group I was attending. His words have played an important role in my development. I've also had the pleasure of serving alongside Rob during a few intensive retreats held by The Crucible Project. I do not doubt that many will benefit from this book."

- Aaron C. 


David K. - Lafayette, CO

For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Knocked Down...

"If you've been knocked down a few times like I have, you know It's rare to find a helpful book from an author who is vulnerable, authentic and still masculine. Rob shares sensitive details of his past, in both an introspective and helpful way. It's more about sharing how his experience shaped him while also relaying information for me to make better choices. This can save a lot of time and pain if the advice is heeded. Grabbing me from the beginning, I am taken on his emotional journey of highs and lows, and hard lessons learned. It's a real and inspired journey that provided great insight in my own life, and would be an asset to anyone's library."

- Dave K.


Bart L.

For The Rest Of Us Though...

"This is an honest, funny and sincere look at the crap life throws at you and how to deal with it. Not recommended for anyone who's living in a bubble with no issues, problems or ________ hitting the fan... but for the rest of us, though?"

- Bart L. 


Bob K.

I highly recommend you buy this book...

"Great ideas for moving forward and discussing with friends or mentees.
Questions are on point to help you get the past behind you and growing personally.
I highly recommend you buy this book and move on to better times."

- Bob K.


Brennan Wilkins (3)

Fantastic read...

"Getting Even is a fantastic read on a subject that everyone can relate to. Everyone faces their own challenges in their life, their own mountains to climb, or giants to conquer. In the book, Rob has blended his personal experiences with some great storytelling to write a book that will make you look at your own life's story and help guide you on your own journey of " Getting Even"."

- Brennan W. 


Dan F.

Practical steps for winning in life...

"Rob Stout has a passion for ministering to men—especially those who’ve gotten the stuffing kicked out of them by life. This book has great, practical steps for fighting back and winning."

- Dan F.

Greg T. (2)

An honest, conversational read...

"I recommend this book to anyone who has felt like their world has been turned upside down by disappointments and wants to fight back or is exhausted by change and seeking hope. Rob writes with wonderful and heart breaking illustrations from his life. I like the worksheet questions at the end of the chapters that I can apply to my life. "Getting Even" is conversational, comforting and candid."

- Greg T. 


Todd P. - Indianapolis, IN

For Anyone Who Has Ever Been Knocked Down...

"I have been waiting for Rob's book for 30 years. The privilege of having journeyed with him during this time has been immense. Watching him from a growing, dynamic believer in college while in our ministry, to his years with our ministry, his years as a gifted senior pastor of a growing church, to his successful years in business gives me a great perspective. Rob Stout is the real deal and in comes through in each page of his life's battle. It's in the victories and the defeats. Rob has "gotten even"! With person who truly and rigorously puts into practice what he's honestly and challengingly putting forth, the same will happen. You will like the book; you'll love the results!"

- Todd P.


A Message From The Author:

In order to make this publication accessible to as many men as possible, regardless of incomve level I INVESTED to get it priced at to .99 cents. How about that for an offer that's too good to pass up? Why? Because my mission is to help men (or a man in your world) "Summit Life's Climb" by recognize, address, work through (and with) the Hard Knocks in life. I want you to experience what I experienced through this process. Not staying in, not getting defeated by, but GETTING EVEN with the HARD KNOCKS of your life. That's why I paid to price it at .99 cents. For less than the price of a breakfast sandwich you can work on critical areas of your life that are long overdue for your attention. Not an e-book person? That's OK. Click below and you can get the physical copy. We just have to pay for printing.

~ Rob Stout

Getting Even Cover


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